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We sit at the heart of a comprehensive property finding and management service. Those properties will be worth in excess of £300,000. We make purchases on your behalf, but we work closely with businesses who search for, furnish and rent them out for you. We are also able to access financial (tax-related) advice.

In short, we will help you find the right investment property in the right place with the right profile for your needs. We will often have access to properties that are not available elsewhere and are sold exclusively through Hollyton.

We do not have a visible shop window. Our properties are mainly sold through our network of investors and their advisors and we look forward to discussing every aspect of your investment in advance of any purchase we may make on your behalf.

At every stage, our philosophy is to be completely candid. We would rather not sell you a property at all than sell you something that we do not believe is right for you.

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