Why London?

It is no secret that London has produced spectacular returns on investment property in recent years. With the mentality of Londoners increasingly happy to rent their property, and with the City's population continuing to grow, demand continues to rise.

The challenge, as the market matures, is to source the right investment opportunities. Some areas may already have reached their peak; others still have a way to go. Some types of property present better potential returns than others.

It is important to understand the City's geography, its range of opportunities and changes to its infrastructure that may effect prices and rental yields.

Our experience, coupled with our extensive range of contacts enables us to source investment properties even though there are few available. We are happy to advise you to ensure that your London investment is made against a clear and realistic set of goals.

London is still a great place to invest, but that investment should be made wisely, and with a clear strategy in mind.

Hollyton's Philosophy

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