Welcome to Hollyton

You won't see us on the High Street, that's not our way. At Hollyton we prefer to do our business quietly with people we know, or with people who they introduce to us. As a result, we are given the opportunity to discreetly introduce you to some of London's best investment opportunities. Our extensive experience and strong relationships with property developers and owners means we have worked on every type of London property from new developments to period town houses. Each has its own benefits, and depending on its geographical area, each presents its own risks and rewards.

At Hollyton, we get to know you so well that we can introduce you to properties that fulfil every element of your investment objectives. The properties featured across the site are real examples. We look forward to speaking with you to discuss how you could soon be investing in something similar.

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Hollyton's Philosophy

We are not a high street estate agent. Nor are we in the business of getting rid of property as fast as possible unless it is being sold to the right person at the right price. We prefer to work solely with our extended network of investors, property developers and owners, to ensure that the best deals are done for both parties.

Discretion sits at the heart of everything we do. You will not hear anyone at Hollyton talking about their clients in the trade press, or making rash predictions about the property market. We are more of a private club whose members spread the word amongst themselves. That's how we grow, and it's how we engender trust.

We understand that short-term profit may lead to reputational risk. And so our service is based on getting to know you, and to assist you in finding investment opportunities that meet every one of your goals. Everything we do is tailored and bespoke. We start with you - the investor - understand what you want to achieve in terms of yield, location and potential long-term usage and then source opportunities for you that fit that brief.

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